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Avoid the hassle and stress of dining out while you're on vacation. Take a traveling vacation chef along with you!

You're on vacation, which means it's time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the luxury of having to never worry about preparing meals, ingredient shopping, or having to clean up or do the dishes!  Your AWG Private Chef handles all of the meal and menu planning, ingredient & beverage shopping for you. That way when you step into your luxury vacation home, villa, AirBNB, or VRBO rental with a chef, your private dining experience will immediately begin relaxed and stress-free so you can focus on your vacation and creating memories with your friends & family! ​

Our client families love vacationing to destinations worldwide with our private vacation chefs accompanying them. Our multi award winning chefs will work with you prior to your departure and will obtain all of your dietary preferences, culinary food styles, and more to create perfectly fully custom-tailored menus exclusively for you and your guests. Why incur the high expense of eating out every day or the daunting task of having to cart your family around to different restaurants, just so you have some sort of menu variety?

Your vacation chef can easily prepare anything from casual poolside snacks and nibbles to elegant fine dining restaurant quality menus for you & your guests, virtually anywhere in the world.

Quite often, our clients will have their chef arrive 2-3 days prior to them to pre-provision the vacation home with all of the necessary ingredients, snacks, and beverages to meet all of your needs for your vacation. Your private chef can also handle incidental restocking and additional ad-hoc provisioning orders as requested.

For the most relaxing vacation you've ever had, why not take along AWG Private Chefs to do all of your vacation cooking, meal preparation, and cleanup for you? ​

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