Sustainability Policy

AWG Private Chefs Sustainability Statement

Updated: May 30, 2020 


AWG Private Chefs strives to provide better events and services for a better planet.


Our unique approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Leadership, Inclusivity, Transparency, Integrity, Stewardship and Continuous Improvement.

Important Industry Issues

Our small family owned & operated business faces many daily opportunities and challenges surrounding the food & private service industries. Due to their direct impact on us, and our clientele, we have prioritized the following issues that we're committed to: Use of locally sourced, organic, sustainable, GMO free, ingredients.  A continued goal of 100% client satisfaction ratings, and an devoted commitment to the ongoing personal and professional growth of each and every employee and officer.  

Our Commitment & Scope

Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us and our clientele. As we design experiences, execute events and evaluate our success we are able to choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of life for our employees, clients & their guests,  and suppliers.


We commit to:

1. Minimize environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality. 

2. Give back to our local communities by volunteering and donating resources when available.

3. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.

4. Create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and integrate the social elements in every event we produce.


Our officers and senior management team will measure & address our sustainability actions and goals on a quarterly basis, and re-align where needed to continue forward momentum and our dedication to these values. 

Contact Us

If you wish to inquire about our sustainability policy, have any questions or need assistance, please contact AWG Private Chefs Customer Support at 1-877-753-2727 or via sending an email on our contact-us page. 

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