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Entertaining Idea: Host a Brunch Instead of Dinner!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

There’s truly no better way to start your day than surrounded by a group of your favorite people, eating a variety of delicious breakfast foods, and sipping on that perfect bloody mary, Aperol spritz, cup of 100% pure organic Weaver's Coffee, or a mimosa or two. Brunch parties are hugely trending in the food world these days, and it's one of our favorite meals!

Throwing a brunch party can be way less daunting than you think. One of the big benefits of hosting a brunch, is that your afternoon & evening are freed up for you & your guests to attend other events, or simply relax at home. Another big benefit, is that a brunch party can often cost much less than hosting a dinner event. Perfect for a celebration on a budget!

Being able to enjoy a selection of different delicious food items, brunch is one of those meals that is casually elegant... Meaning that the menu served very much sets the mood for the event. Whatever menu you choose!

Let's talk popular brunch food shall we?

Avocado toast, farm fresh egg, chili flake
Avocado Toast w/ Egg

Gourmet Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is one of the most requested AWG Private Chefs brunch menu items for the last few years. Comprised of locally fresh baked artisanal whole grain bread, toasted perfectly, hand mashed organic ripe avocado, a just a spritz of citrus juice (I love key lime instead of lemon on my avocado toasts!), a fried egg, and just a sprinkling of sea salt & red chili flake. Yummmmm... Add a dallop of caviar for that extra pop of salinity and style!

bourbon syrup drizzled Belgian waffles, organic farm fresh berries
Belgian Waffles w/ Farm Fresh Organic Berries

Mini Belgian waffles anyone?

Our double malted mini Belgian waffles are a great way to indulge in a huge flavor packed bite, without having to eat a full sized portion. Complete your waffle with your favorite toppings. Organic farm fresh berries, picked right at the perfect moment, and a drizzle of our Bourbon whiskey cinnamon infused pure maple syrup does my tastebuds just fine!

crab benedict, bread pudding, bacon, hollandaise
Bacon & Crab savory bread pudding benedict

Crab and Bacon Benedict Savory Bread Pudding

Our twist on the brunch classic, Bacon & Crab savory bread pudding benedicts! Comprised of rich custard soaked locally baked San Francisco sourdough bread, organic chives, sweet onion, and red bell pepper, locally sourced Dungeness Crab, and of course, apple wood smoked bacon. Top it off with a farm fresh poached egg, Hollandaise sauce, and a sprinkle of smoked pimenton. A great addition to your brunch buffet menu when served in an individual ramekin.

The Bacon Bloody Mary

Drinks Anyone? Whenever you're hosting a brunch event, you always want to have a selection of both alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages available to your guests.

On the boozy front, we always suggest something bubbly! Champagne or Prosecco is a must! After all, it's the foundation for that perfect mimosa right? Plus bubbly can refresh a palate and enhance appetite.

Bacon Bloody Marys are the quintessential brunch beverage, that perfect blend of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, a touch of creamed horseradish, pimento stuffed green olives, farm fresh stalk of celery (always leave the leaves on!) and of course your favorite vodka! Topped with a crack of black pepper, and a piece of bacon!

For our guests that wish not to imbibe, we suggest both coffee and tea from Weaver's Coffee and Tea. Also a selection of premium juices (for mixing into those mimosas as well!), fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, and white grape juice are always crowd pleasers. Also don't forget to have plain sparkling water available as well for guests who may wish to enjoy a non-alcoholic spritzer!

Remember that brunch is all about having a menu wide variety of delicious food items, great beverages, and an event that should last just a few hours, to allow people to get on with their day!


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About the Author: Certified Master Chef, Sommelier & Wine Educator, Sean Andrade is the executive chef/owner of AWG Private Chefs, named the #1 Private Chef company in California. Chef Sean has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industries worldwide for more than 25 years. His company AWG Private Chefs offers highly custom tailored, bespoke private chef dining experiences, and private event catering in over 30 countries around the globe.

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