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Food Trend: Comfort Food Reimagined

Comfort food... you know.. those special things that remind you of happy occasions, provide comfort and relief during the tough times... the stuff that makes you simply go "yeah...... I needed that!"..

One of the more wildly popular trends we're seeing right now is the infamous Chicken and Waffles... but with the volume turned way up. Spicy marinated chicken, such as our Korean gochujang marinated chicken with a rich plum sauce drizzle and a crisp waffle... or Nashville hot chicken, with a housemade pickle and sweet honey drizzle..

Either way, chicken and waffles are here to stay.. With a plethora of different preparation methods.. they can bring your guests comfort, huge flavor, and a very unique option for your next appetizer party.

Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffle Bites


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