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Chef Tip: How to keep your summer berries fresher longer!

Summer berry season is FINALLY upon us! I personally thought it would never get here, with the crazy weather we've been having. Can someone please give mother nature a Xanax?

Summer berries are probably one my most favorite parts of the summer produce growing bounty. So many delicious berries, in huge abundance at very affordable prices. But the inevitable always seems to happen.. you spend your sweet time picking out the most gorgeous berries you can find at the store.. bring them home.. tuck them snuggly into the fridge... then the next day... you open the fridge door, and find this:

Your beautiful berries have grown the "ick" overnight... How could this happen? They were so perfect yesterday.

Here's a quick tip on how to keep those berries in beautiful shape, much longer. With a couple simple ingredients, that you already have in your kitchen. White Vinegar & Water!

Once you bring your fresh berries home, the key to keeping them fresh is to kill any mold or bacteria spores on the fruit. The pH of basic white vinegar does the job! Simply place the berries in a large bowl and wash them in a vinegar-water bath:  

1 cup of white vinegar

8 cups of cold water

Let the berries sit in the vinegar-water bath, gently moving them to help dislodge any dirt, grime and letting the vinegar get to work killing those spores and bacteria.Drain the berries in a colander and then thoroughly rinse the fruit (to remove any traces of vinegar flavor).

Thicker skinned fruit (like strawberries or blueberries) can be dried in a salad spinner but delicate berries such as raspberries and blackberries should be dried on a clean tea towel, patting them dry gently. Then store the washed and dried fruit in a sealed container that has been lined with paper towels to absorb any natural moisture that may occur.

Avoid using expensive chemical laden "fruit cleaners or sprays" that are on the market.. Simple white vinegar will do the trick to preserve those beautiful summer berries for you!


-Chef Sean


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