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Micro Wedding Catering


When it comes to your wedding celebration, bigger isn't always better! 


Couples choose AWG Private Chefs as their SF Bay Area micro wedding caterer because they wish to create a deeply memorable private dining celebration experience for a select small group of their closest guests.  Our expertise in working with our couples to create the perfect menu, aesthetic, cultural influence, or vibe for their celebration meal. Plus our service team handles every last detail for them, so they can focus on spending time with their guests and celebrating their special day.

Why Use a Micro Wedding Caterer?


For some couples, cutting back the headcount frees up critical funds for a more luxurious experience.  Adding additional menu items, that special wine, cocktail pairing, or luxury ingredients.  Most wedding caterers focus on large headcounts, and have a very limited culinary skillset, or force you into paying for pre-packaged menu offerings with items you may not want or enjoy. AWG Private Chefs proudly employs the only two Certified Master Chefs in Northern California, giving you so many more choices in menu variety and having highly skilled award-winning chefs prepare that perfect menu you've always wanted.  By having a more intimate catered small wedding, micro wedding, or minimony reception, it allows you have that spectacular, fully custom-tailored menu, instead of just the boring unimaginative wedding fare of generic selections of buffet served chicken, beef, or fish. 


Quality Over Quantity! 

More and more couples are opting for micro-weddings and minimonies now than ever before because they want to really be able to spend quality time, enjoying amazing food and service, with those that are key players in their lives.  A much smaller affair allows for more intimacy and social contact between the newly married couple and their guests.  How many weddings have you gone to where the couple never actually get to sit and eat, or worse speak to their guests during their special day?


Having a smaller guest list means that it's more feasible to have those special invitees participate in additional parts of your wedding other than just the ceremony.  These guests can be included in rehearsal dinners, wedding photos, post-wedding brunches, and even the night before bachelor/bachelorette festivities.  

Choose AWG Private Chefs as your micro wedding and minimony caterers today! As the Bay Area micro wedding specialists for over 20 years, we are your small wedding catering and minimony catering experts! 

Together, you will work directly with our Certified Master Chefs in a telephone or virtual consultation appointment to discuss all of the details of your desires and dreams, and how we can make them a reality! 

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