Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Gratuities / Payments

What payments do you accept?

AWG Private Chefs accepts payments via ACH Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. Overseas or international clients may also send wire transfers if pre-arranged with our accounting department.

Are gratuities included in my contract?

No. Gratuities are never included in your contract. We believe that gratuities should always be at the discretion of the client. You may choose to add gratuties to your contract during the initial signing phase. Once you choose auto-pay, additional gratuties cannot be added to your contract. If you are a corporate client, and your accounting department requires gratuities be pre-defined in your contract, kindly contact our event concierge for assistance & modification of your contract documents.

How much should I tip?

A gratuity is always at your discretion. Gratuity amounts generally can be offered equal to what you would normally extend in a fine dining establishment where you are served by a team of service staff, based upon your satisfaction with our service, and can be any amount of your choosing. Industry average are 18-25% of your event amount.

Can I tip in cash?

Certainly. Cash gratuities may be handed to your service team at any point during your event. We generally will equally split any gratuity amount equally among the members of our staff who worked your event on-site. Alternatively, you may extend any gratuitiy amount you wish to any individual of the team whenever you see fit. Kindly let us know your wishes of how you would like the funds disbursed.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! AWG Private Chefs offers gift certificates in any dollar amount you wish. Simply contact our concierge to purchase a gift certificate.

During My Event

When will you arrive?

We generally will arrive 60-120 minutes prior to your desired event start time. This prep time allows your service team to begin preparation of your menu, set tables & decor, and familiarize themselves with your event location.

Do you clean up & do the dishes?

Absolutely! This is a complimentary part of our service. We will leave your kitchen surfaces clean & sanitized, dishes & flatware rinsed & loaded into your dishwasher. Items requiring handwashing may result in an extra charge. Note: Due to potential liability, we will not permit our staff to wash stemware or crystal. These items will only be rinsed with clear water, and set aside.

Does AWG Private Chefs provide alcoholic beverages?

No. Due to liquor license laws, AWG Private Chefs will not furnish any alcoholic beverage for your event. However, we are happy to provide you a shopping list with suggested quantities and purchase locations, for you to purchase these beverages. We are always happy to serve them under your direction for your event.

What if I want to extend my event past my contract end time?

As soon as you know you wish to extend your event past your contract end time, simply let your service team lead know. Additional overtime billing rates will apply, and will be due and payable at the time our staff leaves your location.

Some of my guests cancelled last minute, can I get a refund?

Since your chef has already shopped for the ingredients, we cannot offer a refund for last minute headcount decreases. Your chef will prepare the menu as contracted, and we will be happy to leave any excess portions not served to a guest, in your fridge for you to enjoy the next day.

Top FAQ's

What areas do you service?

AWG Private Chefs has gone global! We are proud to provide services, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in over 35 countries around the world. Our corporate headquarters are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California. From time to time we will operate seasonal domiciles in other countries, based upon client demand.

I have guests coming that have food allergies or dietary restrictions.  How do I meet their needs and still insure that the food is great for everyone?

In today's world, this is not anything uncommon. Being a great host that considers the needs of all of their guests is vitally important to a successful event. Our Certified Master Chefs will work with you during your menu design phase to prepare a fully custom tailored menu where all guests can feel included, and their dietary needs are met without awkward feelings. Simply provide us with as much detail to you & your guests dietary needs during your menu design phase to insure that all of these details are addressed and incorporated into your menus easily.

How much does hiring a private chef cost? Where can I view pricing?

The total cost of your booking will depend on many factors, such as the specific menu you select, service style, staffing needs, number of hours on-site, rentals, your geographic location, setup & breakdown times, and a bunch of other details we will handle for you! No two events are ever the same, and AWG Private Chefs prides ourselves on offering 100% full customizability with every single event we do! We are happy to provide you a no obligation fully transparent proposal in writing for any type of booking. There are no unexplained or hidden "service fees" with us. We provide full transparency on our pricing proposals. Just share with us your vision of your event, and leave the rest to us!

How far ahead do I need to book my event?

We always suggest planning as far in advance as possible. Due to the highly custom tailored nature of our services, and to offer only the highest level of superior customer service, your assigned service team personnel will only be assigned to your booking for the day of service. This is to insure that should you wish additional time to dine between courses, or perhaps the guest of honor is running late, that you never feel rushed or worried that your service team needs to leave your job to get to their next assignment. If you have a last minute need (for bookings happening within the next 7 days), please contact our concierge services team directly at 877-753-2727 for expedited assistance.

Help! I'm having a last minute event, can you help?

Quite possibly! Please call our concierge services line right away at 1-877-753-2727 and inform our event concierge of your needs and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

How does it all work? How do I book my chef?

We've created a whole page dedicated to answering this easy question! Please visit for details.

What safety protocols have you implemented for COVID-19?

In additional to federally recognised training and certification, AWG Private Chefs has enacted additional health & safety protocols for COVID-19 that meet or exceed state standards. You can view our entire COVID-19 compliance policies & procedures by visiting for up to date information. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our concierge hotline.

Can I hire a private chef for dinner for two?

Most of our clients find that it's much more cost effective to have a minimum of 4-6 guests for their bookings. We will happily cook for two guests, however a minimum contract dollar amount would apply.


Can you cook for us at our vacation rental / AirBnB?

Absolutely! Our vacation rental & traveling chefs can easily accomodate you & your guests at most any vacation rental or AirBnB. Simply email us a link to your vacation rental or AirBnB prior to signing your contract documents. Some vacation rental owners require certificates of insurance be issued to them prior to permitting our service team on-site. Rest assured that AWG Private Chefs is fully licensed & insured and will work directly with your vacation rental owner to handle all of that paperwork for you, stress free!

What areas do you service?

AWG Private Chefs has gone global! We are proud to provide services, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in over 20 countries around the world. Our corporate offices are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California.

Do you have chefs that will travel with us?

We certainly do. Our chefs, service staff, mixologists, and sommeliers can certainly travel with you to alternate locations. Alternatively, we can arrive ahead of you, and meet you at your desired destination with food and drinks ready to serve upon your arrival.

Do you do corporate events?

Absolutely! Our corporate events planning team can handle all the details of your corporate event to insure every detail is handled for you. From casual dinners & offsite meetings, to full scale sales launch parties & C-Level executive dining galas, we've got you covered.

Pre-Event Planning

Does AWG Private Chefs provide alcoholic beverages?

No. Due to liquor licensing laws, AWG Private Chefs will not furnish any alcoholic beverage for your event. However, we are happy to provide you a shopping list with suggested quantities for you to purchase, and for us to serve under your direction during your event.

What if I don't have ....?

Not a problem. AWG Private Chefs offers a full range of tabletop rentals for any size event! From glassware, china, flatware, serving platters, buffet decor & more! Simply ask our event concierge for details & pricing.

What if I want to change my menu or services?

No problem! Once you've secured your event with a non-refundable date reservation payment & contract, you will have the freedom to adjust your menu and services as desired, up until 7 (seven) business days prior to your event. Simply contact your event concierge to inform us of any changes as early as possible.

Do you do casual or more relaxed events as well as formal?

Absolutely! AWG Private Chefs can certainly provide casual style events, from taco parties, backyard BBQ's, to poolside cocktail parties. No event is too casual for us! Simply let us know your desires, and let us turn them into a reality for you with our signature "Easy, Effortless, Entertaining" service!

Can you provide china, silverware, glassware, tables & chairs, or other party rentals?

You bet! AWG Private Chefs carries a full line of event & party rentals for any type of event. Including items such as glassware, barware, china, flatware, linens, floral arrangements, buffet decor, tables, chairs, tents, cooking equipment, and more. In addition to our own inventory, we've partnered with several event rental companie to insure that every detail is handled for you. Additional fees & staffing may apply. Please contact your event concierge for a detailed quote on these items & services.

I'd really like to enjoy a specific menu item, can you prepare this for us?

Absolutely! AWG Private Chefs proudly has two Certified Master Chefs at the helm of our culinary department. This prestigious title is held by less than 200 chefs worldwide, our chefs exclusive level of education on global cuisine, allows us to prepare virtually any style of cuisine or menu item that you wish! Simply let us know what your desires are.

Where do you source your ingredients?

AWG Private Chefs proudly sources our ingredients as micro-locally as possible. Our unwaivering committment to use only the finest quality, locally sourced, organic, sustainable, GMO free, fair trade, and fair wage ingredients has earned us worldwide recognition in our industry.

What size events can you do?

Yes, AWG Private Chefs does provide services for events of virtually any size, small or large. Minimum booking fees apply. Ask our concierge for details.

Do you have any sample menus?

Unlike a traditional caterer, in which you are required to pick from a static set of menus, and that's what you are stuck with, we pride ourselves on 100% custom tailored menus. Meaning that no two menus or their menu items we prepare will ever be the same for any two clients. Thereby, giving you total granular control over what ingredients go into your menu! We are happy to accomodate any dietary restrictions, food allergies, or style of cuisine to insure your 100% satisfaction! That's the AWG Private Chefs difference!

Do you offer Certified Kosher or Orthodox Kosher menus?

We are happy to discuss what kosher options we can create for you. If you require rabinnical supervision in the preparation of your menu, the expense of the rabbi of your choosing would be paid by you. AWG Private Chefs does not include the cost of rabbinical supervision in our contracts.

Can I purchase the ingredients and just have the chef prepare them?

No. Due to strict public health code regulations, and foodborne illness potential, all ingredients must be purchased by AWG Private Chefs and kept in our supervised control until they are served. Not only does this insure proper food safety, but also better quality and freshness of your dining experience. We apologize, but there will be no exceptions to this policy.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please notify us immediately if you need to cancel your event. Please refer to the cancellation policy of your contract for details on cancellation fees and refunds.

What other services do you offer?

AWG Private Chefs is a full service agency. We are happy to arrange for corporate & private event planning, floral design, wedding coordination, venue rental coordination, chauffer & limousine services, airport meet & greet, bartending & mixology, certified sommelier service, valet parking, private security, private butler & nanny services, and many more. Ask your event concierge for details.

What licenses & insurance do you carry?

Every member of AWG Private Chefs staff has the necessary food handlers, ServSafe, Professional Food Manager, NEHA, or ANSI food safety certifications to comply with California and/or federal food safety standards. We also carry professional general liability insurance, and full workers compensation insurance as required by local, state, and US federal law. Should you require a certificate of insurance for your venue, or proof of insurance for your event, kindly contact your event concierge a minimum of 14 business days prior to your event to request these certificates. Please note that AWG Private Chefs does not offer host liquor liability, or any other type of general liability event policies that extend coverage to our clients. Clients are encouraged to contact their homeowners or commercial insurance agents for assistance with obtaining special event insurance coverage.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we have a minimum total event charge of $795 weekdays, and $1000 on weekends. These charges are inclusive of ingredients & labor, but exclusive of sales tax, travel/mileage charges or gratuities.

How far in advance should I book for a major holiday?

In general we tend to book up full 3-12 months in advance of major holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve and Day. However please do check with our concierge team for the most up to date availability.

Corporate Events

Do you do corporate events?

Absolutely! Our corporate events planning team can handle all the details of your corporate event to insure every detail is handled for you. From casual dinners & offsite meetings, to full scale sales launch parties & C-Level executive dining galas, we've got you covered.

Will you cater a meal for our office?

Absolutely, we offer a full range of menus for any time of the day or night you wish! From simple continental breakfasts & buffet lunches, to exclusive C-Level private dining experiences, and anything in between! Simply ask our concierge for details!

We're planning a corporate off-site, do you have chefs that can cook for us?

Absolutely! Not only are we partnered with several exclusive corporate off-site venues, we also have a portfolio of luxury estates we work with to hold your corporate off-site at. Our chefs can be available to you & your team 24 hours a day, to prepare & serve any type of food & beverage menu items you desire at any location you wish.

Do you provide private aviation catering?

Yes we do. We presently provide drop-off aviation catering at most of the airports in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alternately, we do have chefs that can travel with you on your aircraft, and prepare meals for you while on-board. Contact our events concierge for details.

Do you have a food truck?

No. However we have the ability to prepare and serve you any type of food truck style cuisine you may wish. Tacos, gourmet grilled cheese, burgers, dogs, wings, asian food, BBQ etc. Simply let us know your desires, and we can make them a reality!