Covid-19 Policy & Procedures Disclosure

LAST UPDATED:  10/12/2020 @ 14:54pm Pacific Time

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AWG Private Chefs has established the following policies & procedures which will be subject to on-going review and modification as per requirements of local, state, and federal public health officials, our insurance carriers, legal team, and executive management.  These policies and procedures were established to not only comply with health official mandates, but to protect our staff, and our guests against possible COVID-19 exposure.  At no time will AWG Private Chefs, our management, or staff ever guarantee the elimination of risk to exposure to COVID-19, and use of our services constitutes your knowledge, and acceptance of these policies and procedures.  

Food Safety: 

Food safety is ALWAYS priority one!  AWG Private Chefs strictly utilizes it's own employees for all touch points with your food.  This means that we will not utilize any third party staff of any type.  Each AWG Private Chefs employee is mandated to complete and pass one or more ServeSafe, NEHA, Certified Food Handlers, or ANSI safety training and certification examinations. Further, all of our cooks and chefs are required to attend both in-class or online live ServeSafe Food Protection Manager training, as well as pass written Food Protection Manager Certification Examinations. Our executive management also frequently reviews all staff knowledge, and verifies safety currency by verbal and/or written quizzes, and mock up scenarios.  In addition, AWG Private Chefs has adopted the policy of utilizing the absolute least amount of staff possible when preparing your food for you to further reduce the total number of "touchpoints" between the preparation, cooking, and service of the item(s).  

As per the US Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) statement (Click here to view) "currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 through food." 

Cleaning & Sanitizing:

All surfaces will be both cleaned & sanitized before & after the preparation of your food.  With ongoing sanitizing practices being repeated during actual preparation. It is important to understand the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.  Cleaning removes food or other types of soil from a surface such as a counter top, utensil, or plate.  Sanitizing happens only after cleaning, and further reduces the number of pathogens on the clean surface to safe levels.  To be effective, cleaning and sanitizing must be a five step process.  


Our cleaning & sanitizing procedure involves the following five steps:


  • Step 1:  Inspect & remove any surface food or contaminates. 

  • Step 2:  Wash the surface. 

  • Step 3: Rinse the surface. 

  • Step 4: Sanitize the surface.

  • Step 5: Allow the surface to air dry.  

Kitchen Occupancy:

In order to minimize the chance of contamination, at no time will anyone not employed by AWG Private Chefs be permitted into the kitchen or food prep areas during your event.  This must include the owner(s)/hosts of the venue in which we are working.


It is the full and complete responsibility of the signer of the contract or designated onsite host(ess) of the event to inform the guests of this policy, and said person must enforce mandatory guest compliance at all times during the event.

In the event that this policy is violated, all work will immediately cease, and your event will be promptly ended.  No refund of any type will be provided. 


Should you need something from the kitchen during your event, please request it from a member of our staff, while maintaining proper social distancing and mask usage requirements at all times, and we will be happy to facilitate it's retrieval for you.   

Health & Safety:

All AWG Private Chefs staff will be health screened by a member of our management team just prior to beginning their shift.  This screening involves checking for any potential COVID-19, or any other type of illness symptoms, temperature checked & logged, along with frequent health check-ins during their shift. All AWG Private Chefs staff will be required to adhere to mandatory and frequent hand washing and glove changes during their shift.  Use of masks and/or face coverings for all AWG Private Chefs employees, that cover both the mouth and nose of the employee will be mandatory at all times prior to entry into the venue, and until their shift ends and they have departed the venue.  

At no time will any employee of AWG Private Chefs be permitted to have any physical contact with our guests.  This includes but is not limited to handshakes, fist or elbow bumps, hugs, etc.  Photo opportunities for, or with the client or their guests will be suspended for the duration of the outbreak.  

Guest Screening:

The host(ess) of the event MUST pre-screen all their attending guests for COVID-19, any guests who have or may have exhibited any CDC disclosed potential COVID-19 symptoms, or have recently tested positive or "recovered" from COVID-19 or any related illness must be prohibited from attending the event.  Should it be determined by AWG Private Chefs that any guest in attendance of the event is presently ill, or recently has been ill.  The event will immediately cease, and the client will forfeit any monies paid to AWG Private Chefs for the event.  Further, the client can and will be fully held liable for any and all potential damages to AWG Private Chefs, or it's staff as a result of their negligence in guest screening.  

Pursuant to the State of California's October 9th gathering guidance update, the host(ess) must collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contract tracing is needed later.  

Use of Face Coverings:

Pursuant to the State of California's Public Health October 9th gathering guidance update:

"When gathering, face coverings must be worn in accordance with the CDPH guidance on the use of face coverings, unless an exemption is applicable.  People at gatherings may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink, as long as they stay at least 6 feet away from everyone outside their own household, and put their face covering back on as soon as they are done with the activity."


The host(ess) will maintain full responsibility for face covering compliance, and enforcement during the entire event.  

Service Styles:

At this time in order to comply with State of California public health mandates, no self service buffets, family style, or passed items or beverages may be provided as these items have been deemed "high touch" by public health officials.  Guests must be seated and served by a certified food handler member of our staff.  

Gathering Sizes:

The named contract signing client will be solely responsible for researching the requirements surrounding gatherings for the specific county in which their event will be held.  Changes to rules and regulations surrounding guidelines change frequently, sometimes multiple times per day. In the event that the public health authorities modify, change, or alter the guidelines surrounding gatherings in the county in which your event will be held, and you will either no longer be able to hold your gathering entirely, or you are unwilling to comply with those mandatory rules, headcount limitations, or any other type of guidelines set by public health authorities, your event will need to be rescheduled to a later date. 

Pursuant to the State of California Department of Public Health order issued on October 9, 2020, gatherings of more than 3 households are prohibited.  This includes everyone present, hosts and guests.  

AWG Private Chefs will not be held liable for compliance rule changes, or your unwillingness to comply, or inflexibility to modify your event to comply with such governance.



Outdoor Dining:

In order to comply with necessary public health mandates, all dining events must be held 100% outdoors, unless local public health order expressly permits "unrestricted indoor dining". Unrestricted use of indoor restroom facilities is always permitted.  Should you be indoors to use the restroom, only one person at a time enter the home, and that you MUST wear a mask/face covering. 

Our sincerest thanks for your business, patience, flexibility, and above all understanding during these trying times.  

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