Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party Chefs

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Baby Shower Chef Service

Gender Reveal Chef Service

Fun & festive menus, utilizing only the freshest ingredients, and exceptional service is job one in making your baby shower or gender reveal party a memorable, fun, stress free success.

The baby shower is an important time to celebrate the mommy-to-be in the remaining time before her delivery.  There are an abundance of details surrounding hosting the perfect baby shower or gender reveal party.  Gender reveal party catering services from AWG Private Chefs take all of the stress out of planning your event.  Our highly skilled chefs will work with you to create a fully custom tailored menu, and our event planning team can handle all of details surrounding decor, games & activities, themed floral arrangements, and event design.  

Whether you simply are looking for baby shower catering of casual cuisine and optional service, or you're hosting a more elaborate event that needs to be fully equipped with our highly trained chefs, gourmet or luxury menu items and friendly service staff, AWG Private Chefs has you covered. No matter the size of your baby shower or gender reveal, our staff is fully equipped to meet your every need for your event. We are extremely flexible with our services, and will always custom tailor them to your event.

Client satisfaction is paramount; we only provide the best quality food and professional, friendly service.  With each event we custom design and execute, we always build lasting relationships, one client at a time.

  • Full Service Culinary & Service Staff

  • Passed or Static Displays


    On-Site Chef Service or Delivery Available

  • One Day Host Liquor Liability Coverage (optional)

  • High Quality Rentals (never any dishes to do!)

  • Custom designed themed decor & floral

  • Casual or Formal Baby Shower Catering Menus

  • So Much More!

To inquire about booking a private chef for your baby shower or gender reveal party or any other event, please visit

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