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Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Occasionally, when discussing a product on this website, we may link to the company’s website, or another online merchant selling the product using an affiliate link. 

What does this mean?

​It means if you click one of these links, and you end up purchasing a product or service from them, the company we linked to gives us a small commission in exchange for referring the traffic. ​

Can people pay you for product recommendations? 

​No! The products mentioned on this website are strictly the opinion of AWG Private Chefs.  Regardless of having an affiliate program or not.  AWG Private Chefs does not accept "pay for play" type approaches.  ​

Do I pay more for a product if I click your link?​

No. You’ll pay the same price for the product or service as you would if you went directly to that website on your own. The small affiliate commission is just the company’s way of thanking us for referring you to them.​

Links to Amazon:​

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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