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Founded in 2001, AWG Private Chefs an event-driven chef for hire company, has quickly become the global leader in the private chef service, bespoke dining, personal chef service, luxury vacation chef, and boutique micro event catering spaces.

We are proud to have two Certified Master Chefs on our staff! This prestigious title involving many years of extensive training and practical experience is presently held by less than approximately 200 chefs worldwide.  Our private chef service and personal chef services have grown from our local community in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma & Napa Wine Country Regions in Northern California where we began over twenty years ago, to now being able to offer full-service in over 35+ countries around the world. ​

AWG Private Chefs was founded on the premise there is a deep-rooted need for people to feel comfortable, relaxed, welcome, and pampered in their private dining experiences.  Our team of highly skilled personal chefs, private chefs, concierges, and hospitality service professionals have a combined experience of over 135 years in the private chef, catering, beverage service, hotel & restaurant management, public & private client luxury concierge service, event planning, and large corporate event industries. 

​Our unwavering commitment to quality customer experience, dedication to excellence in service and client experience, and above all, a driven passion about what we do, allows us to deliver the best events & private chef dining experiences for you, our clientele.​

About Our Award-Winning Chefs & Service:​

We have received several coveted awards and special legislative recognitions by heads of state, the Governor of California, Fiona Ma, Diablo Magazine,, The Golden Gate Business AssociationNational LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Former San Francisco Supervisor, now State Senator Scott Wiener, and numerous business & culinary industry associations both domestically and around the world. 

Chef Michael Ryan, Tyler Florence, Chef Sean Andrade of AWG Private Chefs
Chef Michael Ryan, Celebrity Chef & AWG Private Chefs Client Tyler Florence, Chef Sean Andrade

For an astounding third year in a row, AWG Private Chefs has again been double award winners of Best Caterers and Best Personal Chefs in San Francisco for 2019, 2020, and 2021 by!  We are humbled, and continue to thank you so much for this ongoing honor! 

AWG Private Chefs was voted Best of the East Bay Caterer in 2021 by Diablo Magazine, and was runner up for 2020.

Certified Master Chef Sean Andrade is our Executive Chef & Chief Executive Officer. Chef Sean is a globally traveled private chef who has been serving Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and sports figures at their many residences, offices, vacation estates, private jets, and yachts.

In addition to his private chef work, Chef Sean Andrade has cooked in many different venues and restaurants around the globe. He continues to focus his global style of cuisines on many different flavor profiles as well as styles of domestic and international preparations to keep menus fun, exciting, and tasty.  Adding to his passion for proving great food and service excellence, Chef Sean also has a great palate for wine and is a Certified Sommelier, wine educator, wine competition judge, and avid wine collector.

Chef Sean has worked as a Consulting Executive Chef in both the upstart new venue arena, as well as providing critical restaurant rescue consulting services, assisting owners and fellow foodservice operators of troubled or failing restaurants to recover, rebrand, and become once again successful and profitable in their operations. ​

Certified Master Chef Michael Ryan is our Executive Pâtissier (Pastry Chef). Chef Mike has earned both his savory and pastry degrees. Chef Mike entered the private chef industry directly as a graduate with honors, from Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco. ​

Both chefs bring their own unique sense of food and a deep-seated passion for service to your table.  Together, this dynamic duo can create virtually any menu you may dream of. Our chefs continue to create memorable specialized dining experiences for Fortune 500 executives, heads of state, both foreign and domestic, celebrities, and most proudly members of our own community!

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